Suzuki SV650S

The day I picked up my new Suzuki SV650S it was raining. Of course it was raining. And heavily. Not the best conditions in which to ride the 12 miles back home. ‘Exhilarating’ doesn’t cover it. Within a mile of the dealership I’d had to ride through a flooded road that had water deep enough […]

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Having had a 15 year break from biking, I decided to start riding again late last year. It was July, I was on holiday in Zakynthos and I detected a wistful look on my face every time I spotted a biker making his way down the street. My internal dialogue went something like this. “Wow, […]

Ads Are Disabled On One Or More Of Your Sites

The full text of this Message Of Doom is Ads are disabled on one or more of your sites – no ads are serving on one or more of your sites because of policy violations. Please investigate the reasons for this in the Policy Centre. The Policy Centre provides a top level summary of how […]

Due Diligence On Websites Using SEMRush

This auction for a Power Of Mind Control website caught my eye, mostly because of the decent traffic statistics. 28,345 unique visitors and 870,600 page views / month is quite good in my book. Each visitor is looking at an average of 30 pages! Is the seller exercising some kind of mind control on his […]

The Importance Of Checking Inbound Links

High PR Site, All Search Engine Traffic Skip to auction details. I came across this auction on Sitepoint today. The site receives a decent amount of traffic and revenue is $900/month, though no information about costs/work commitment are given. But here is the red flag: all website traffic is the result of organic search engine […]

Joomla Tutorial

I’ve created sites based on Joomla a few times now, but the huge amount of time between each implementation means that I forget all that I learn in the process and have to embark on the same fact gathering mission each time. This beginner’s Joomla tutorial is for people who forget! I’m going to assume […]

Due Diligence On Website Buyers

I’m currently selling one of my domains on Flippa. I have the luxury of knowing 2 of the bidders, who I feel I can trust. A new bidder has entered the scene, though, and I don’t know him. The question arises: what due diligence can you do on a website buyer? In my case, all […]

Google Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

Inappropriate Adsense On Your Pages So you’re sick of the Muslim dating site advert that Google Adsense, in its wisdom, keeps displaying on certain pages of your “make money easy” blog and finally decide to do something about it. You have two options: Change your content to give the very clear message to Google that […]

Website Development Process

Suppose you’ve just bought the website that’s going to make you an internet millionaire. Maybe you bought an expired domain with plans to start from scratch, or maybe you stalked the owner of an already established website and bought that. Now what? How do you get the best out of your new acquisition and make […]

Traffic Down At Weekends

I’ve seen a lot of people fretting over the fact that their sites receive much less traffic at weekends than during the week. If I turn my attention to my own sites, I find that some of them have a very erratic traffic graph in Google Analytics, and some have that same established pattern of […]