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Buying And Selling Websites Forum

Thank the Lord that this has happened! There is finally a forum devoted to the discussion of buying and selling websites. This was well overdue. The sub forum at sitepoint filled this space for a while but was soon overwhelmed by the ubiquitous, and inevitable, sig link spammers. Any frequent visitor to the SP forum will have noted its decline. Continue reading

How To Block Flash Ads In Adsense

Recently, a couple of my sites were overwhelmed by irrelevant Adsense adverts relating to the credit/loans niche. The mention of Harringtom Brooks and Adsense in the same sentence still makes me shudder! My sites had nothing to do with credit/loans so of course no visitors were likely to click on these adverts. Which means wasted page impressions that bring my Adsense CTR way down. Continue reading

Keyword Research Driven Content

Topic Selection

Look at this site. Can you see what the owner has done? S/he (for ease I’m going to refer to the owner as ‘she’) has built her content around a selection of highly searched terms. At least, the terms have moderate to high search counts in the search engines. Building content around search terms means creating a web page to target each of those terms. To do this, she has taken a generic “seed” phrase, in this instance “fund raising”, and has used a keyword research tool to suggest related terms. I suspect she used the Google Keyword Tool because when I use it I get a selection of phrases that bears an uncanny resemblance to the page titles the owner uses. Continue reading

The 5 Minute Expired Domain Buying Checklist

If you’ve ever visited the Godaddy expiring domain auctions looking for that special domain to buy, you know how time consuming it is to trawl through pages and pages of them. You need a system that minimises the amount of valuable time you spend searching for domains and then performing preliminary checks on them. This 5 Minute Expired Domain Buying Checklist provides just such a system. Bear in mind that these are high level checks and that when using them you will inevitably miss some good domains. However, the quantity of expiring domains available is so great that this is a sacrifice you have to make in order to process more and become more efficient in the long term. There are only so many hours in the day, after all. With that said, let’s get cracking. I’m using the Godaddy expiring domain auctions as the setting for this guide, so you may have to adapt some of the steps to fit your preferred source of expiring domains. Continue reading