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How To Create A High PR Site

This here is a clever chap. I don’t know where he got his brilliant idea from but what he’s done is pure genius. Either he’s created himself, or he’s got someone else to create, translations of some core pages on the W3C site. W3C are always looking for volunteers to translate certain pages on their site, so I’m sure his offer of translation services would have been gratefully received. He may already have established connections with them.

Here’s the good bit. Each translated page gets a link from a high PR page on the W3C site.

Using Yahoo Site Explorer, you can see that this site only has a few links (13 to be precise) – but they’re mostly from those high PR W3C pages! He has no need of mere earthling links like the rest of us mortals.

Website Seller First Night Nerves

I think the seller got cold feet.  It was supposed to be a 30 day auction but he cancelled it after one day. Perhaps he feared that his high PR generation method would be uncovered, and his relationship with W3C would be jeopardised.  But too late! In posting his auction, he has exposed his brilliant idea for all the world to see. And copy. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the formula for this success story is to find a language not already translated and then get someone who speaks that language, and who preferably is technical, to do the translation.

Multilingual Technical Gurus

So, how to find a CSS guru that speaks Nepali? Hang around the Sitepoint CSS forums, of course. You could also post an advert, if you don’t mind speculators trying to figure out what you’re up to. There are also the usual suspects such as rentacoder, getafreelancer etc in which to advertise.

Oh yes, you also need a point of contact at W3C, don’t you? It couldn’t be simpler as there is a page on their site set aside for volunteer translators like your new found Nepalese friend –  W3C Translations. A stroke of genius!

A Word Of Warning

Call me Mr Cautious, but personally I wouldn’t jeopardise my translation site by selling a bunch of links on it. If seen by the folks at W3C, those masterful links would soon be severed. Instead, I would link out surreptitiously only to the most worthy sites I myself owned. And then I would sell links from that secondary site. OK, the secondhand PR will be lower, but you have less to lose if it’s this second site that somehow receives the flak.

Update: I’ve just made the following discovery.

Buy Links On High PR Sites

This guy is amazing. I was browsing the Advertising Space for Sale forum on Sitepoint and who should I bump into but the same  guy selling links on an assortment of high PR sites. It’s not hard to deduce where he got all those PR7 sites from. He’s got the following languages covered:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese (remember that one?)
  • Finnish
  • Chinese

I didn’t see Nepal in the list. He also has different pricing options available such as renting the sites (renting!) and of course buying them outright.

Here’s a transcription of the auction:

Portugese webmaster related site with 3 PR7 subpages

includes 3 PR7 and 3 PR6 subpages

  • URL:
  • Established: Tue Jan 20 2009
  • Uniques/Month: 10,000
  • Page views/month: 300,000
  • Monthly Revenue (USD): 0
  • Google Pagerank: 7
  • Listed: Mon Apr 06 2009


I’m selling the following site (please remove spaces): w s s – p t .info

As you can see this sites includes 3 real PR7 and 3 PR 6 subpages with no outgoing links! Perfect for link building or promoting your own projects.

The site contains real high authority PR9 and PR8 backlinks from W3C, so all the pagerank is real. Around 400 visitors per day are a fact.

Revenue Details:

revenue depends on your intention with this site – selling PR7 links can bring high monthly

Traffic Details:

traffic from W3C and Google