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Create A PR7 Site

How To Create A High PR Site

This here is a clever chap. I don’t know where he got his brilliant idea from but what he’s done is pure genius. Either he’s created himself, or he’s got someone else to create, translations of some core pages on the W3C site. W3C are always looking for volunteers to translate certain pages on their site, so I’m sure his offer of translation services would have been gratefully received. He may already have established connections with them. Continue reading

Buying And Selling Websites Forum

Thank the Lord that this has happened! There is finally a forum devoted to the discussion of buying and selling websites. This was well overdue. The sub forum at sitepoint filled this space for a while but was soon overwhelmed by the ubiquitous, and inevitable, sig link spammers. Any frequent visitor to the SP forum will have noted its decline. Continue reading