Website Sellers

Website sellers. What are we to do with them? It seems that the vast majority are not dealing from a full pack. Take this one, for example. The very first question, a request to post traffic stats, is asked on a Friday, and the seller only gets around to responding to it the following Thursday. That’s customer service for you. You would think the seller doesn’t want to part with their beloved site after all. Strike 1!

You can see that there were actually two questions before the seller decided to respond, and when he did, he completely ignored the first! Strike 2. Making bidders wait and then ignoring their questions. This guy hasn’t gotten round to reading “How To Make Friends And Influence People”.

I PMed the seller to add me to his Google Analytics account, which, to his credit, he promptly did. Regarding the claimed traffic of 2,100 uniques / month – guess what? That’s right, the real traffic was nowhere near. It was more like 330/month. But of course, a monthly total of 330 uniques won’t sell as well as a total of 2,100. So let’s simply make up the stats. If anyone questions them, we can always silence them with an outburst of gibberish.

Gibberish Corner

If anyone knows what this gibberish means, please enlighten me.

Hmmm – I am getting more than that. I only have it on one page and have been having problems with it. Income is still strong and if Google Analytics is your SOLE source of information that you rely on, then have fun with that as I anyone can manipulate analyitcs :)


You are getting more than that? How? We are both looking at the same stats! And what do you mean you have it on only one page? Just take a look at any random page you pick on the site and you can see the Google Analytics code there! What do you mean Anyone can manipulate analytics???? Duh. If that was true, why didn’t you manipulate it to show decent traffic stats? And just how can someone manipulate those stats? Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether people can manipulate those stats – they weren’t manipulated in this case. Jeez, I don’t know why I bother wasting my time on an auction site that is full of junk and is host to the weakest members of the gene pool who don’t know how to interrelate with other people and see nothing wrong with lying about their sites’ performance. Schoolkids and failed “internet marketers” mostly.

You think sellers are bad? Have you seen the Flippa staff lateley? Stay tuned, I can’t wait to tell you about that “disappointment”. You don’t know what vitriolic rant means!

For G’s sake get me my meds, I’m having a heart attack here!

Therapist’s Note: Paul won’t be posting for a short time while we work on some issues.